Training Leggings “Beauty & the Beast” – Turquoise

Training Leggings “Beauty & the Beast” – Turquoise



Training Leggings “Beauty & the Beast”

  • Modern design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 100% Polyester

“Beauty & the Beast” training leggings made of a special type of material based on polyester fibres. Thanks to the use of an appropriate structure as well as the weave and thickness of the fibres the Iron Lady leggings perfectly transport moisture to the outside. Thanks to this, the skin remains dry for longer and thanks to the system of increased ventilation, it will gently cool your body on warmer days, while on cooler days it will keep the normal temperature longer, so that your body will not be too cold.

During hard and exhausting workouts, the Iron Lady Leggings will allow you to feel fresh and comfortable. The thickness of the polyester material we use for the production of Iron Lady leggings is 250g / m2, which makes it possible to take advantage of the thermal properties of the fabric. Additionally, thanks to its density, it is more resistant to abrasion and technical damage. The material of this thickness will also provide comfort to every woman during intense exercise, because it adheres perfectly to the body, and thanks to its structure, you will never have to worry about losing privacy during squats or bends.

“Beauty & the Beast” training leggings are also distinguished by high resistance to stretching and high elasticity. Made of quick-drying fabric as it does not absorb water. It is also not attacked by moths, fungi and bacteria. The material additionally shows high resistance to solar radiation.

* Note: Virtually all synthetic fibers, including ThermoActive ™, should not cause allergies, but due to the possibility of static electricity, these materials are not recommended for allergy sufferers.

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